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The Torah Always Points To YHWH!

Equidistant Letter Sequence

The 16th century Rabbi Moses Cordevaro said “The secrets of the Torah are revealed in the skipping of letters.” Dr. Rips was among the Hebrew scientists who began to explore the Torah with advanced computer techniques and rediscovered some of what the ancient sages had long ago known and what Rabbi Weismandl had rediscovered in the interval between the two World Wars.

Using a 49 letter sequence, the Torah always points to YHWH.

Using a 49 letter sequence, we find the word TORH in Genesis. We also find it in Exodus. But not in Leviticus, Numbers or Deuteronomy. But we do find TORH spelled in reverse in Numbers and Deuteronomy using the 49 letter sequence. And in Leviticus, using the 49 letter sequence, we find the word YHWH.

Torah Always Points To YHWH

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